Françoise Davoine

Educationphoto Françoise Davoine

Doctorate in Sociology 1981

Classical studies, with agregation in classics 1966

Professional Experience

Psychoanalyst in Paris, in private practice, after almost 30 years also in the setting of the public psychiatric hospital and outside consultation (Hôpital Paul Guiraud in Villejuif, suburbs of Paris).

Currently Professor at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Social Sciences University in Paris at the Ph.D. level)

At the EHESS, leading with Jean-Max Gaudillière a weekly seminar, « Madness and the Social Link ».

Professional Associations

Member of the ex-Ecole Freudienne de Paris (ex because Jacques Lacan, who created this institute, dissolved it a few months before his death in 1981.)

Member of the International Society for the Psychological Treatments of the Schizophrenias and Other Psychoses, U.S. Chapter (presenting at the meetings of the ISPS since Torino 1988, at the invitation of Gaetano Benedetti.)


Publications, Presentations, Seminars

Don Quichotte pour combattre la mélancolie (Stock, Paris, 2012)

A bon entendeur, salut ! (author with Jean-Max Gaudillière – Stock, Paris, 2013)

History Beyond Trauma (author with Jean-Max Gaudillière – Other Press, New-York 2004), now translated in French (Histoire et Trauma, La Folie des Guerres, Paris, Stock, 2006)

Mère Folle (Paris, Arcanes 1998) translated into Spanish (Madre Loca) in Mexico, and into Finnish, currently being translated into English (2013)

La Folie Wittgenstein (Paris EPEL 1992), translated into English by William J. Hurst, Wittgenstein folly (YBK publishers, New York, 2012.)

Translated twice into Spanish: La locura Wittgenstein, in Mexico and Argentina, and into Greek.

Presenting regularly since 1979 at Austen Riggs Center, sometimes as Erikson Scholar, at the invitation of the Erikson Institute for Research.

3 commentaires to “Françoise Davoine”

  1. Buenas tardes. Estoy buscando la manera de comunicarme con Francoise Davoine para intercambiar algunas ideas, datos e investigaciones sobre Cervantes y Don Quijote. ¿Cómo podría comunicarme con ella?
    Muchas gracias. Desde Argentina
    Estela Calvo (Psiconalista, dramaturga, miembro de Teatro comunitario)

  2. I am trying to find the e-mail of either Francoise Davoine or Jean-Mx Gaudelliere.
    I am a psychoanalyst in New York City looking for names of psychoanalysts in NYC who work in the same line of thinking as these two authors regarding trauma and the social link.
    I would appreciate your help.
    catherine silver

  3. Me gustaría ponerme en contacto con Françoise Davoine para preguntarle cuál es la versión original, en francés medieval, de la frase de « Mère folle » : « en la sottise sólo hay locura » (¿ »dans la sottie il n’y a que folie »?).

    También para decirle que me encantó su libro. Soy filólogo y escribo un libro sobre « locos literarios ».

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